Melamed Academy 2020-21 Full Time Enrollment Form

Grades K-12 Student Registration form for 2020-21 School Year
for Torah/General Studies

Personal Details

If different than legal name

If you live in Canada and have letters in your Zip, write 000 and add it later


Please upload a student profile picture, passport-sized.

Parents enrolling more than one student, check YES so a tuition discount can be applied.

Specify if the student is enrolling in Boys or Girls class, and whether studying Torah and/or General Studies.


Melamed Academy is an online school, and all instruction is delivered via the student's internet-connected computer.

Melamed Academy offers value-priced laptops to Melamed Academy students. Our kosher administrator controls ensure that students are safeguarded from all web pollution. A single computer can accommodate multiple students studying at different times.

Completing the value computer package, Melamed Academy offers an accessory package including: protective laptop case, wireless mouse, and quality headphones.

The Kosher Chromebooks connect to internet via Wi-Fi, yet provide built-in protection, above any existing internet safeguards in your home network.

Internet service plan is not included.
Every Melamed Academy student requires a computer with internet connectivity. Please check the box that describes your choice for computer arrangement.

Placement Information

Student's educational background

Please check to indicate if the student has any specification that should be accommodated in the course placement

Does the student have experience using computer applications and/or online courses?

Grades K-2 are not expected to have any typing skills. Grades 3 and up are expected to have keyboard skills, ranging from beginner to speed typing.
Typing course and practice games can be provided if needed.

Please include information about the student that will help ensure appropriate course placement.
If there is no specific detail, please enter ALL

Is there anything you'd like to share regarding the goals and level for this student's Torah Studies?

High School Details

Please mention the name of the country.

Please upload a copy of your school records

At this time, is the student planning to graduate from Melamed Academy? Or from a different school? Your answer will determine the courses which will be assigned to the student.

Payment Information

This card will be charged for the registration fee and monthly payments. To change this payment information later, please contact the office at


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